Auto-Signaling Bicycle Tail Light ( Turn / Stop )

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The Ultimate Link in the Vital Communication between Every Rider & Every Driver, to Keep Cyclists Safe on the Road !

Ride with passion, without compromising Your Safety. The Auto-Signaling Bicycle Tail Light functions automatically to communicate your next Cycling move to drivers behind you, in the same manner that’s cars & drivers communicate with each  other everyday ... Automatically !  This Advanced Cycling Safety Technology Tail Light is the Ultimate in Cycling Safety. 


  • Built in advanced technology Gravity / Acceleration / Deceleration Sensors
  • Automatically senses when your bicycle is turning Left or Turning Right and signals  automatically accordingly.
  • Automatically detects when the bicycle is slowing down & automatically flashes all the LEDs to indicate your Brake light.

  • USB Rechargeable 
  • Single charge lasts 3-5 hours
  • Super bright light (300 Lumens). 

  • It automatically detects when any vehicle approaches too near to the cycle, and flashes, to warn the vehicle rider.

Enhance Your Cycling Safety while Riding on the Road with an Advanced Technology Auto Signaling Tail Light !