3-way UV Protective Cycling Glasses

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3-Way Protective Cycling Glasses

Riding Your Bike is fun and exciting, but there are potential dangers and hazards associated with Cycling that you must protect yourself against. After protecting your head from injuries with a Safe Certified Cycling helmet, you must also protect your Eyes ! Why ? If you ride your bike without protecting your eyes, you may get something in your eye(s), then suddenly you may not be able to see. You may crash & you may sustain serious  injuries. The main potential hazards to your eyes while Cycling are bugs in the air, a strong damaging wind & the debris it stirs up and the almighty sun. Our Polarized UV Cycling Sun Glasses protects your eyes from the glare of the Sun & creates an effective physical barrier from bugs & debris in the air. Always protect your eyes while Cycling.

Besides, these Cycling Sunglasses are hot !